Review of David Horowitz – What is a “Kronstadt Moment”?

I’ve been thinking about how to describe liberalism/leftism – if you had to pick one word to put at the top, what would it be? I’ve been going back and forth between a couple of C’s – cruelty and cowardice. This review of David Horowitz is part 1 of 3 – very chilling stuff. Something else I’ve been wondering about. You know all those defectors from communism to the west who uniformly thought they were defecting to the LOSING side, after observing our suicidal response to communism’s challenge? Well, maybe they were right after all.

Horowitz was as left as it gets, a red diaper baby. Until he had his “Kronstadt moment” which Nordlinger describes as follows:

Let me tell it very briefly: David arranged for a woman named Betty Van Patter to work as a bookkeeper at a [Black] Panther-run school. Soon, they murdered her. You recall David’s dates for his “life as a leftist”: May Day 1948 until December 1974. That was the month of Van Patter’s murder.

Get this: “Betty’s friends in the Bay Area progressive community, who generally were alert to every injustice, even in lands so remote they could not locate them on a map, kept their silence about this one in their own backyard.” And here is a confession, or testimony: “My dedication to the progressive cause had made me self-righteous and arrogant and blind. Now a cruel and irreversible crime had humbled me and restored my sight.”

That explains my choice of cruelty. Also suggests another word: insincerity. If they were sincere in their goal for the betterment of man, then they would turn away from their policies which have wreaked havoc on the west for many decades.

You’ll have to follow the link to get an explanation of “Kronstadt Moment.”

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